Manager Software

A truly comprehensive job management software program and business tool, Manager is your answer to transparency of your business, providing you, in real time, customisable reports, profit margins, notifying you of potential problems [before being a customer problem], comparison of estimated verses actual labour times and so much more! Think of Manager as your personal assistant, providing you with the tools to effectively and efficiently run your business with ease! Empower your business today!

To find out more about the genius that is Manager, start by checking out the Overview in Manager Features. Happy discovery!

Manager Features & Benefits

Manager assists you to manage the complexities of running a manufacturing business, to drive efficiency, control and understand the real costs associated with the job. From Quoting and estimating, through to manufacturing and dispatch. Integral planning, scheduling and job management help you increase throughput and control costs.

The Right Tools

  • Leverage Operational Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) to keep equipment operating efficiently.
  • Use real-time data to track activities and manage proactively.
  • Avoid production interruptions with predictive and preventive maintenance.

Collaborate with Your Suppliers

  • Get closer to your supply chain partners and strengthen the value chain by providing portals for customers and suppliers.
  • Instill customer confidence in that their orders will be completed on time.
  • Help suppliers track receipts, invoices and quality levels with on-line tools.

Stay in Control

  • Maintain high quality standards and solid compliance audit trails.
  • Track inventory and product quality via integrated bar-code.
  • Access detailed traceability of inventory from parts entering your manufacturing process through to shipment.

Manager has all the features you need to manage your manufacturing business, and deliver complex products on time and on budget. Our ERP software is built to adapt and to be a functional fit for your business, no matter the size of your business.


Powerful Estimating Functions for flexibility & accuracy


Track all processes – Quote – Job Progress – Labour – Production Processes & more


Purchase – Receiving – Invoice Approval Exports to Accounting


Link to work orders allows powerful stock forecasting

Work Flow

Real Time Production Overview


Easily plan and schedule production


Reporting on every section of activity

What our customers are saying…

We have been using Manager Software for 10 years now to run our Commercial Joinery Business.From Estimating and planning jobs, Purchasing and stock control, right through to Time-Tracking and back-costing jobs, it is a great end to end Production Management System.the support is good, and we have been able to fine-tune it to really suit our processes & methodology. Jones & Sandford Joinery Ltd New Zealand
We have used Manager since 2010.  it has been vital to our business expansion over the last few years.  We have also been able to instigate changes within Manager to that it benefits our business. The team at Internetit have always been very responsive to suggestions and this has lead to an excellent working relationship between ABP and Manager Software. ABP Allboards Rob
Rob Kneebone
The purchasing and stock system you have in Manager is quite Good, and easy to use……..( as long as we use it properly, and keep it accurate )This report will help us look at jobs ahead and the timing of each purchase.   Richard Turnbull    CCW Cabinet Works      
Richard TurnbullCCW Cabinet Works
I bought Manager in 2009. I had set up nested based routing 4 years before and found my next problem was keeping up with ordering and costing. I looked at a few programs and decided on Manager. I don’t know how we would work each day without it  as pricing, ordering workflow and scanned times are right there at a click. The support we get is great. I think that this is the next essential tool to run a business.Greg , Greg Harman Joinery
Greg Harman