About Manager

Manager has grown out of recognition that traditional ERP [Enterprise Resource Planning] systems have significantly more overhead than is needed for smaller manufacturing operations, often requiring a significant work force simply to maintain the data. The developers of Manager have carefully examined the manufacturing process, and have in turn, modelled real practice more closely in Manager, rather than relying on the theoretical “this is how it should be done”. The result, Manager actually integrates tightly with organisations. Leaving ALL users to experience significant productivity gains, rather than having to “fight” the limitation of the “theoretical” system.

A system capable of mass users, means Manager must have a diverse range of additional features. As a result, it is extremely likely that any functionality needed is already available, and often there is more than one way to accomplish a desired outcome – the correct approach is specifically determined by any single company’s operating needs.

The developers of Manager are always keen to add features, so in the unlikely event that a feature is not currently in the system, there is every chance that it can be added for you. This system has been developed on the understanding that there will always be a possibility of additional features, required as businesses mature.

As always, Manager developers actively seek and welcome user feedback, helping Manager Software to remain as user friendly & industry friendly as it is now.

Developed in Australia, by Australians, for Service and Manufacturing conditions.

Empower your business, Empower your staff with Manager Software