What’s New Manager Software Release 8.8.1 ¬†Build 117

New Release – Import Labour Times

This new application combines previous individual accounting exports in to the one application.
All exports have been checked against accounting package current specifications for file details.
When clicking one of the Export buttons, the files available for that date range will show in a grid for users to check the contents.
If changes to details in Manager are required then these can be made prior to Export and then selected again.
The Print button allows for printing and subsequent exporting if required.
Once the Export button has been clicked, the file will be saved in line with the Output Settings on the Settings Tab.
It is also possible to export the Job Number for those users whose accounting setup requires this.
This does not apply to Xero at this time but can be added when additional information becomes available.
The Accounting packages that can be exported are listed in the image below.

Existing Export applications are not affected and can still be used if desired.
Job Book
Changes to Address Details. Suburb is replaced by Address Line 3 and Town is replaced by Locality.
Australian Post Codes updated.
Job Address has Address Line 3 added to cater for extended address requirements.
Invoice Ex Retention corrected for issue when Contract Admin sets value and a manual Retention is added.
Invoice Miscellaneous line ordering modified to show as per line entry on Invoice report.
Invoicing Dialogues have had layout changes to better show GL selection list.

Autosave dialogue Cancel button removed which caused random time settings. OK button will save if modified or close if the same.
Estimate Qty Calculator tick box is now set to off to avoid accidental changes to existing calculated quantities.
Reset Estimate Modules will reset with Variables.
Purchase Order dialogue has had layout changes to better show GL selection list.
Delivery Label can now show Purchase Order number.
Email of Purchase Orders requires Outlook to be started prior to Manager in cases where memory issues prevented multiple emails without restarting Manager.

Analysis Reports
All Company Reports have been reviewed.
A total of 189 Reports have been updated in this release.

Factory Details wording improved.
Changes to Address Details as per Job Book information.
Updated Client and Supplier import templates with additional information.

SQL Database
Many Database updates have been made for aligning to current SQL requirements for future versions.
This is a continual process being undertaken.
Additional database information and updating has been made for products to be released in the future.

(The following is repeated for information purposes)
Microsoft Server Operating Systems.
Manager Software has been modified and tested for use on Microsoft Server 2016.
Manager Software is supported on Server 2008 R2, Server 2012 R2 and Server 2016 both Essential and Standard Editions.
Manager Software will operate on Server 2008 and Server 2008 R2 but is not supported for use in Remote Desktop or Terminal Server modes.

Microsoft SQL Server.
Manager Software has been tested on SQL Server 2016 Standard and Express Editions.
SQL Server 2016 is backwards compatible to SQL Server 2008.
Many changes have now been made to the Manager Database to align with SQL Server 2016 features without affecting existing databases. This upgrade process is continuing.

Microsoft Workstation Operating Systems.
Manager Software is supported on Microsoft Windows 10 and Windows 7 SP1 Professional Edition Operating Systems.

Manager on Cloud Servers.
A client has now moved their Domain and Manager System to Cloud Servers with links back to their local workstations with scanning service running on the Cloud Server and connected to Ethernet Convertors and Scanners in the factory. This is all running on Microsoft Server 2016 servers and SQL Server 2016 Express. Connection to their Manager is now both from local workstations and from Remote Desktops.

Stock Adjustment Form updated and includes the ability to set an Effective Date to allow for later entry of a Stocktake Adjustments as well as improved search and filter capabilities.
Modifications to Delivery labels which will require updating of any client custom delivery labels.
Database Updates are on going for improvements.