Manager R8.5 Build 110 has been released and is available free to anyone on Support.

Manager Work Plan Application- NEW
Manager Work Plan allows for either viewing or updating Work Orders in a Calendar View.
This only operates with Manager Production system.
A new Role has been added to the Database for WorkPlanEdit and a user must be assigned to this Role to be able to modify scheduled dates.
If not in this Role users can view Manager Work Plan only and not make changes.

This is a flow on from Manager Work Flow Live Screen and the grids in Manager Work Plan show the same information and can be configured in the same manner.
Three separate grids are provided for Overdue Work Orders, Scheduled Work Orders on Current Date or in the future as well as Work Orders that do not have a Due Date.
Work Orders can be dragged from the Un-Scheduled grid on to the Calendar and the Work Order will be updated with that Due Date in Manager.
Any changes in the Calendar will have dates updated in Manager Work Order.

Manager Work Plan on YouTube here.

Work Flow on YouTube here.

Manager Scheduling on YouTube here.

Manager Estimating Overview on YouTube here.

Manager Estimating Module Variables on YouTube here.

Manager Estimating Tools on YouTube here.

Analysis Reports.
Addition Reports for Single Scan Employee Start and Finish Work and Start or Finish Breaks.
All Company Reports have been reviewed.
A total of 37 Reports have been updated.

Microsoft Server Operating Systems.
Manager Software has been modified and tested for use on Microsoft Server 2016.
Manager Software is supported on Server 2008 R2, Server 2012 R2 and Server 2016 both Essential and Standard Editions.
Manager Software will operate on Server 2008 and Server 2008 R2 but is not supported for use in Remote Desktop or Terminal Server modes.

Microsoft SQL Server.
Manager Software has been tested on SQL Server 2016 Standard and Express Editions.
SQL Server 2016 is backwards compatible to SQL Server 2008.
Many changes have now been made to the Manager Database to align with SQL Server 2016 features without affecting existing databases.
This upgrade process is continuing.

Microsoft Workstation Operating Systems.
Manager Software is supported on Microsoft Windows 10 and Windows 7 SP1 Professional Edition Operating Systems.

Manager Software Licensing
New Licensing System has been added for running separate Applications that interact with the Manager Database.
(Refer to new Manager Work Plan details)

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