• Estimate is the ‘Drag & Drop’ area for creating accurate Estimates for all jobs both small and large.
  • Create single jobs or break down in to relevant sections
  • Add subcontractor Quotations and Variations with ease
  • Direct access to Materials;Labour and user defined Modules of labour and materials
  • Easily create different Estimate Options and re-select any option provided to the customer Copy a previous Estimate from previous Quotes or Jobs and make modifications
  • Import from your choice of design package.
  • Intuitive hierarchical structure makes the most complicated estimate easy to set up and follow Very fast – as fast as drag and drop and copy and paste
  • Modules fully Parametric, & easily cloned for flexibility and minimal set up times
  • Powerful material library handles estimating units (i.e. sq. m.) and construction units with ease Material substitution allows easy “what if” scenarios
  • Handles sub contractors, materials and labour inputs with simple “drag and drop”
  • Quantity of scale savings easily entered and tracked
  • Import of Materials, edging and modules from CAD / CAM
  • Comprehensive reporting on all aspects of your quote
  • Client specific quote formats
  • Assemblies and sub assemblies – true nested BOM
  • Copy and paste within and between jobs – very easy to modify existing quotes Great for delegation
  • Percentage allowances, ie percentage of job, section etc
  • Manual override of library costs at all times
  • Estimate versions – all old versions can be retrieved, excellent for “what ifs”
  • Flexibility – as simple or detailed as the user desires
  • Special material pricing per job
  • Simple or detailed control on Margins
  • Multiple levels of Margins
  • Labour as a margin or charge rate per task
  • Differential margins for labour, materials or subcontractors
  • Differential margins for different sections of estimate
  • Automatic conversion of units to estimating units
  • Conversion of estimate quantities to sheet sizes based on wastage – automatically!
  • Client specific mark-ups / charge for different labour tasks
  • Link to purchasing

Business Intregation

Add Variations with ease

Clone Modules

Powerful Material Library

Link to Purchasing