Job Book

  • Provides the information for analysing your vital business information
  • Keep track of important dates for Quotes and Jobs
  • Pre-prepare Invoicing details in advance
  • Invoicing of Clients for Standard Invoice; Progress Claims and Retentions
  • Contains Quote Tracker for managing and follow-up of quotations
  • Do & Charge as well as quoted
  • Customisable job types for company sales / margin analysis
  • Clone job to create a new job based on an existing job
  • Multiple invoice types [simple + close job in one action & progress]
  • All invoices allow for retention, either amount or %
  • Variations are fully implemented [orders / confirmation / no “missed” billings]
  • Comprehensive job sheet print outs, with bar coding for data collection
  • Email contact direct from system, with subject already filled out
  • Comprehensive quote tracker give complete information on all outstanding quotes
  • Multiple contacts per client, any of which can be selected as the job contact
  • Progress claim made simple. Set up job items & simply maintain number shipped to automatically generate progress claim summaries and invoices
  • All billings and variations for a job “at a glance” instantly know the billing position

Keeps Track of Quotes & Jobs

Invoicing Client

Email Clients from Job Book

Progress Claim made simple

Multiple Contacts per Client