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Manager Software – Release 9

Clients who are on this support system for either a Monthly or Yearly cost have up to date Manager Software configured to operate on the latest operating systems on a continual basis. This updating process is continual with several projects currently underway with development for inclusion in the next release.

On the Support side, we believe that all clients that have requested assistance have received support response in a time frame better than most standards.

Also, your Manager Software can be replaced by us without charge when on Manager Software Annual Updates and Support when unforeseen circumstances cause loss (as occurred recently for a client). Your database data and Manager Estimate files cannot be replaced by us and must be backed up and safely stored by each business.

This includes updating of licensed software as new builds are released, database checking of systems, Custom Report updating to suit database changes as required, minor report modifications, Telephone Support in addition to email support (excess usage will be chargeable)


Some services such as Training Sessions and Data Services are not included in Support Services, but c

Release 9 Build 120 is available for client installations commencing 12 May 2021.

The following details Manager Applications and Functions updated with this Release:

  • Import from Planit Cabinet Vision 2021 as well as prior versions.
  • Manager CCV Materials (Change CV Materials) for CV2021 version.
  • CabMaster Import tested against current version.
  • Crystal Reports integrated reporting upgraded to the most current release available.
  • Manager Load List for Crystal Reports and Delivery date import from Microsoft Project.
  • Scheduling Export to Microsoft Project for Office 365 Project Desktop version.
  • Manager Extensions (Hettich Ordering and Project Statistics) to match Manager Build 120.
  • Manager Notifier for improved Security.
  • Manager Time Tracker now included with Production without user licensing.
  • Manager Time Sheets Application added direct Export to XLSX.
  • Manager Live Screens Work Flow added direct Export to XLSX.
  • Manager Live Screens Labour Plan added direct Export to XLSX.

New installations of Manager Software require SQL Server 2019 Version of SQL Server Express Advanced (Free Edition) or higher level paid edition. Existing SQL Server versions prior to SQL Server 2016 should be upgraded as soon as possible as future programming changes will use functionality not available in prior versions.

Many existing clients missed the following from a previous Newsletter:
Thank you for your continued support. This is a genuine offer.

For any client who has been on continual “Updates and Support for Manager Software” since January 2018, either upon the release of Manager R9 (or sooner by request), we will supply one only additional concurrent user license, normally $1,500 plus GST, free of charge. That represents nearly 50% of an annual “Updates and Support for Manager Software” cost. This offer is extended to all new clients who have maintained “Updates and Support for Manager Software” since purchase after January 2018. Should another of our software products be more appropriate for your requirements then please contact us to discuss.