Production Module


  • One Work Order for a job or a series of Work Orders required at different times
  • Captures all the items from Labour; Raw Materials; Hardware; Labour by Task
  • Records Customer Supplied Items
  • Create scheduling information and automatic Purchase Order creation
  • Automatic updating of completed factory tasks from Scanning
  • Automatic recording of completed tasks updated in real time
  • Work order management and integration with stock, purchasing and scheduling
  • Caters for off factory assembly of parts
  • Hierarchical display of Assemblies and sub assemblies
  • Client supplied items – request print out – integrated in to scheduling
  • Create direct from estimates
  • Manual entry for “last minute” or changes from estimate
  • Document repository for drawings, cut lists, plans etc for the work order
  • Handles flat pack parts
  • Hardware can be free shipped – check list item for dispatch
  • Generate pick lists, purchase orders
  • Back flush for automatic update of material usage

Plan, Track & Manage your Work

Proper Inventory Control

Maintain smooth Workflow

Increase Production Capacity

Generate Purchase Orders