When jobs blow out, the most common cause is an overrun in labour. This cost can be the difference between job profit or job loss.

An integral feature of Manager is the facility to record time sheet information. Until now, Manager was reliant upon your shopfloor staff correctly recording their time against various jobs. In busy production floors, this task is often neglected. Time sheets were entered manually into Manager before the information was available in Job Costing reports, and the Factory Progress screen.

Your Production Managers need this information live so they can identify issues as they happen and before they become problems.

Getting this information is mission critical and the Manager developers have delivered users with the capability that will give you real time control of labour costs helping you to directly manage profit margins.

Together with the new Manager Notifier, Project Managers can be instantly and automatically advised of labour blowouts, and take remedial action.

Manager Scanning gives you the control. Manager Scanning connects your shop floor to your Manager database, where the ‘time sheets’ scanned on the shop floor are automatically fed into the central Manager Database as it happens.

Manager produces all of the required barcodes for the system to function:

Time Sheets can still be edited and maintained via the normal Manager Time Sheet Entry:

Manager Scanning turns the Manager Factory Progress module into a real-time job management and monitoring tool. Information on your jobs in progress is available when your Production Managers need it most.

The first phase of Mobile Batch Scanning is now available for onsite workers, enabling them to scan the same paperwork as factory workers do. This eliminates the need for manual time sheets and provides more accurate, timely information. This small and lightweight device is equipped with memory that can store more than 5,000 bar-codes and times. With a weight of less than 30 grams, it can be taken anywhere.

Using the OPN2001 is straightforward. No special training is needed as users only need to press a trigger key to operate. Connect the USB cable the computer and the Manager Mobile Scanning software does the rest. The battery is also charged using the USB cable.

The first unit sells for $480 plus GST which includes the Manager Mobile Scanning software and additional units sell for $360 each plus GST, a small price to pay for accuracy.

This is just the start of mobile scanning for Manager with development already underway on higher level remote and factory scanners for more productivity.